Monday, January 9, 2012

Macedonian Christmas Eve! Hosted by Me :)

For most of you that didn't know, I am half Macedonian (located in Eastern Europe next to Greece) so it's normal in my family to celebrate American Christmas as well as Macedonian Christmas . It's basically the same thing as in America except on Christmas Eve dinner you have some fun traditions that differentiate it from how most people celebrate it here. First, one of my favorite traditions is baking a loaf of bread with a hidden coin inside. Who ever receives this coin at dinner wins 100 dollar bill (or however much the family is willing to give) for good wealth. Another tradition which is definitely interesting is each person at the dinner table and in the family puts their books (for education), business cards (for business), and wallets (for finance) under the table for a year of good business, education, and wealth. 
Of course there is a lot of food to be cooked (which you know I love to do!) the staple items are Filo (which is croissant type bread filled with rice, cabbage, and a hint of parsley), Fish (because no meat is aloud until Christmas Day), White beans, Cabbage, and Pasta. We usually have lots of family and friends over to celebrate (which we do most occasions) but this year was the first time I hosted it at my apartment. Everything turned out great so I couldn't be happier. 
Sreken Bozik! 

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