Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Miami Heat Game Floor Seats & Justin Bieber! 2012

My Nana's birthday was just the other day, and for those of you who didn't know she loves The Heat! It's so adorable because basketball is the only American game she really understands and enjoys watching (she's originally from Eastern Europe). Since she's never been to a game, as a birthday gift my family and I decided to all surprise her with tickets and take her to Miami where the games are held! It was the most amazing thing seeing her truly enjoy herself and watch her experience a game of her favorite team for the first time. We all got floor seats so she could really be upclose and personal throughout the whole game and she loved every second of it! Oh and did I mention I sat just a few feet away from JUSTIN BIEBER the whole time and didn't even realize until the end?! Only I wouldn't notice such a thing, it took people texting me saying they saw him sitting right by me for me to notice! lol Anyways, I put together a collage of my night. Enjoy :)
Q of the day: Do you guys remember your first big sporting game? If so what team and what was it like? Leave a comment below or tweet me your answer! xo

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