Thursday, February 23, 2012

How To Get Through Midterms & Finals : My Study Guide Tips & Tricks

Whether you're in College, Highschool, or Grad School we all have to face the stress of Midterms & Finals. To me, Midterms and Finals are both equally dreadful but to help make it easier I came up with a few of my tips and tricks on getting through this demanding time.

1. Set a schedule / game plan. It's common to be taking more than one class which usually means having to study for more than one midterm. Make a schedule of when each test is scheduled to determine the order of classes you should study for first. I like to study my classes in order so I am not overwhelmed by mixing and matching classes and information.

2. Organize. If you haven't done so already, make a folder of all the things you need to study for that specific class. I like to make sure I have at least two pockets; one for handouts, and the other for important notes.

3. Don't be afraid to snack. I'm not saying over indulge on candy and pizza but keeping a snack with a good source of whole grain carbohydrates and sugar can help stimulate the mind. (I learned this in my nutrition class and it has helped me ever since). In order for our brain to function we need a good sources of carbohydrates and whenever we start to lose focus a boost of it can really do the trick.

4. Take Timed Breaks. I'm not going to lie, the second I decide to take a break it usually lasts a couple of hours, sometimes the rest of the day! I learned the only way I wouldn't lose track of time was if I set an alarm. So start timing your breaks whether you feel you need 20 minutes or an hour, just plug it into your alarm clock so you'll know when your time is up.

5. Make an 'End of Midterms' Celebration. It's always good to have something to look forward too as a reward for all the hard work and hours you spent studying. So why not plan a celebration for the moment your midterms are over? Whether you plan a night out with your girls, a fun day at the beach, or a trip to your favorite ice cream spot, give yourself a treat! You'll definitely deserve it, plus you'll officially be on break! Yay!
What do you guys do to get through Midterm/ Finals? Feel free to leave a comment or share a tip / trick bellow :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Grammy's 2012 Red Carpet Fashion: Top 3 'Stand Out' Looks

Just a couple days ago I watched one of my favorite award shows: The Grammy's! Every year I look forward to seeing some of the biggest names of music performing, winning awards, and of course showing off their favorite fashion looks on the red carpet. This year there were obviously many gorgeous looks but I decided to go with the top 3 that stood out to me the most which was; Carrie Underwood, Rihanna, and Fergie. All theses looks are very different but they all set a stunning statement in their own ways.
 Carrie Underwood had one one of the most beautiful dresses I've seen at the Grammys, it was a clean white color with embroidered sequins on tulle. The front was very sophisticated but once she showed off her back you could see that it definitely had a touch of sassiness. When it came to Rihanna and Fergie I was eager on what to expect since both of them are known to rock some hard to pull off pieces. Rihanna definitely had all eyes on her with the Armani sexy deep V and low cut backless dress, while Fergie probably had people doing double takes in that Jean Paul Gaultiere Couture vibrant red lace dress. I must say the color is what made me so drawn to it, and I can't imagine anybody else wearing it as well as her. As far as the jewelry, I thought all three had the perfect pairings to match.
What were your most stand out looks?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fun & Flirty Valentines Day MakeUp Tutorial 2012

Valentines Day is just a few days away which inspired me to do a fun and flirty makeup look with a pretty pink lid and a sultry purple crease. The look is perfect for the day, or night and any time of the year. Wether you enjoy Valentines day with a loved one or just use it as an opportunity to bake goodies and watch some romantic comedies with the girls it's a fun way to show some February spirit without being too over the top. Plus, what girl doesn't love Pink? ;) 
List Of Products:
Stilla Prime Pot - Taffy
MAC Pigment - Fuchsia
Sephora Palette- Medium Brown Eye Shadow 
                           Plum Purple Eye Shadow
                           Champagne Silver Eye Shadow
Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Liner - Black
Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara -Black
Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner - Black
Elf blush - Pink Passion
L.A. Colors lipgloss- Pink Icing

There it is hope you girlies like it! And remember, Valentines Day is about celebrating Love whether it be with friends, or a significant other so enjoy it. Don't feel bad if you're single because there is so much love to go around, you can always make the day / night fun and if you feel bad just say I'm your Valentine! ;)
So what are your plans? I love hearing how people celebrate or if you don't you can say that too!