Thursday, February 16, 2012

Grammy's 2012 Red Carpet Fashion: Top 3 'Stand Out' Looks

Just a couple days ago I watched one of my favorite award shows: The Grammy's! Every year I look forward to seeing some of the biggest names of music performing, winning awards, and of course showing off their favorite fashion looks on the red carpet. This year there were obviously many gorgeous looks but I decided to go with the top 3 that stood out to me the most which was; Carrie Underwood, Rihanna, and Fergie. All theses looks are very different but they all set a stunning statement in their own ways.
 Carrie Underwood had one one of the most beautiful dresses I've seen at the Grammys, it was a clean white color with embroidered sequins on tulle. The front was very sophisticated but once she showed off her back you could see that it definitely had a touch of sassiness. When it came to Rihanna and Fergie I was eager on what to expect since both of them are known to rock some hard to pull off pieces. Rihanna definitely had all eyes on her with the Armani sexy deep V and low cut backless dress, while Fergie probably had people doing double takes in that Jean Paul Gaultiere Couture vibrant red lace dress. I must say the color is what made me so drawn to it, and I can't imagine anybody else wearing it as well as her. As far as the jewelry, I thought all three had the perfect pairings to match.
What were your most stand out looks?

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