Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fashion Do: Bright Pink, Yellow, and Orange Neon Blazers

Blazers have always been a go to fashion item of mine but once Spring and Summer rolls around it's harder to keep them looking up to par for the season. Well, now you can by just brightening them up! Just like changing up you're nail color, hair color, and wardrobe to brighter colors during the onset of these sunny seasons, you can also brighten up a statement piece such as a blazer. The look is so simple yet gives off such a fashionable season statement as well as a pop of color. Personally, I have made it a mission to own ever bright colored blazer in the book (which I seem to have done except for purple which I have yet to see) but that's probably just because I'm so blazer obsessed!:P  Check out the bright blazer trend below!

Michelle Obama, Kim Kardashian & Giuliana Rancic all look amaze and seem to be fans of the look too!


  1. I Love blazers!
    I havnt found my perfect one yet though!
    Love the idea of a realy bright one!


    1. So do I! They are one of my go to looks :) <3

  2. U women look so great...why do Ur panties, bra, shoes, & pocketbook have to match? Madonna never has any panties on...also there are a lot of other celebrities have the same problem?