Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Perfect Fall / Winter Shoes - New Louboutin Heaven!

Fall has arrive and one of the most exciting parts of Fall besides the weather is the Fashion! I  feel like everybody has their staple Fall item they are dying to pull out and wear whether it's a cute scarf, a favorite jacket, or in my case a hot new pair of shoes! Louboutin's are always amazing but this pair has to be my favorite of ALL TIME! Maybe even the most beautiful ones I've ever seen, and best thing about them are they are PERFECT for Fall! Not only are they booties but they are made of suade to keep your feet extra warm but they have some sexy glam with the gold spiked heel. I'm obsessed and officially claiming this as my Fall Staple Fashion Item. Also, with Winter coming up you can always carry over some Fall Fashion Items! What's yours?

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