Saturday, August 30, 2014

Taylor Swift Time! - Shake It Off (Official Music Video) Makeup Tutorial

Taylor Swift's New Song 'Shake It Off' has been stuck in my head since the second I heard it (Which is usually what happens when I listen to  her songs) and once I saw the Music Video and Outtakes I couldn't help but get excited to film another Taylor Swift inspired Makeup Tutorial! Not only did she look gorgeous (especially with her new hair cut) But she had a lot of beautiful Makeup Looks in this hot new Music Video as well! I chose the one I felt would look great on everybody which is a Taylor Swift classic red lip topped with some gold eyeshadow and a flawless matte face! It was seen in the scenes with her black turtle neck as she danced around as well as a bit in her cheerleader uniform. I love this look and not only is it fast and easy but it is a total Taylor Swift statement! Enjoy xx

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