Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Outfits of The Day for Every Situation!

Anyone who knows me knows some of my favorite things include: Family, Cooking, Eating, Being Grateful, Decorating, & Football which all equates to Thanksgiving! That is why Thanksgiving is one of my Favorite Holidays! I love knowing the whole day is going to be filled with cooking, laughter, decorating, eating, catching up with family, watching football (for me at least lol), expressing what everyone is thankful for, and looking forward to what's to come in the last few weeks before the new year. With that said, we usually do Thanksgiving at my house but I know a lot of people spend it many different places which is why I thought I would put together some cute outfit inspirations that can go for any Thanksgiving situation and keep in mind the outfits should be nice and loose for total stuffing our face comfort ;) Whether you are spending it at your house with your family, going over to a friends, meeting up with your boyfriends family, or just keeping it super casual, these outfits can all be for you! Hope you get inspired and have a great Turkey Day!
 One of my favorite looks for thanksgiving is starting with the a creme colored dress that has a feminine flare of detailing such as a ruffled bottom and in this case see through lines then pairing it with some cozy black tights and dressing it down with a knit scarf and casual jacket. 
The second look seen above is completely my style. From a cute skirt with some wine colored knee high socks and matching scarf paired with a tucked in edgy white t shirt and beige jacket. I love looks like this because they show off my clash of style and keeps it just the right amount of casual and trendy. 
These last two photos I found on Pinterest display the perfect Thanksgiving opposites. On the left you have a more flirty dressed up look that can be great for meeting up with your "thanksgiving date" with a flared out mini skirt, slightly sheer tights, a wine colored cropped sweater and booties you will definitely give off a sexy yet thanksgiving appropriate look. On the right you have a super casual look that's great for a chill Thanksgiving night with a grey sweater, some leggings, knit knee high socks and some boots but don't forget a pop of color with a turquoise necklace. This is great for being laid back and cute!

Hope you guys enjoy and I'm so Thankful for ALL of you!!
xoxo Anita Samantha

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Never Forget Your NATURAL Beauty!

Hii Lovies! So, I've been thinking about a few things lately and thought it would be a positive thing to share. As most of us agree; makeup, fashion, hairstyles, and playing with our looks can be so much fun! It's something I myself, as well as most of you enjoy doing and find exciting. However, I notice many times we can forget that the art of having fun with our looks isn't to cover our true selves up, but to enhance what represents us! Let style be less than just a trend and more about what makes you feel good, comfortable, and beautiful! This goes for Makeup as well. We DO NOT NEED Makeup and so many girls I see now a days forget that. Yes, it is a form of art and one that I enjoy, but I want everyone to remember you are just as, if not more, beautiful without it! Same goes with hairstyles. Take me for example, I have naturally curly dark hair. Although I do like straightening it and highlighting it for a change, I always end up going back to my natural color and curls. Honestly, that is when I feel the most beautiful. No Makeup, Natural Curls, a simple White T-Shirt and some boy shorts or sweats. These are the moments I feel not only beautiful, but pure! What I'm trying to get across is: Do Not Forget how beautiful you are beneath the whole fashion and beauty side you enjoy. It's such a inspiring thing to love who you are without all of it as well, and I promise you once you realize and truly believe you don't need any of it, re-incorporating it into your looks will empower you like never before! I love you all so much and wish everyone beautiful thoughts <3