Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Never Forget Your NATURAL Beauty!

Hii Lovies! So, I've been thinking about a few things lately and thought it would be a positive thing to share. As most of us agree; makeup, fashion, hairstyles, and playing with our looks can be so much fun! It's something I myself, as well as most of you enjoy doing and find exciting. However, I notice many times we can forget that the art of having fun with our looks isn't to cover our true selves up, but to enhance what represents us! Let style be less than just a trend and more about what makes you feel good, comfortable, and beautiful! This goes for Makeup as well. We DO NOT NEED Makeup and so many girls I see now a days forget that. Yes, it is a form of art and one that I enjoy, but I want everyone to remember you are just as, if not more, beautiful without it! Same goes with hairstyles. Take me for example, I have naturally curly dark hair. Although I do like straightening it and highlighting it for a change, I always end up going back to my natural color and curls. Honestly, that is when I feel the most beautiful. No Makeup, Natural Curls, a simple White T-Shirt and some boy shorts or sweats. These are the moments I feel not only beautiful, but pure! What I'm trying to get across is: Do Not Forget how beautiful you are beneath the whole fashion and beauty side you enjoy. It's such a inspiring thing to love who you are without all of it as well, and I promise you once you realize and truly believe you don't need any of it, re-incorporating it into your looks will empower you like never before! I love you all so much and wish everyone beautiful thoughts <3

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