Thursday, February 5, 2015

Let's Talk Love.

Hi Babes! Since it is February, I figured it was the perfect time to talk about Love. I know everybody is different, but one thing that we all have in common is Love. Whether it's love for your partner, love for a pet, love for family, love for a passion, or just love for love. All forms of Love are different, but what I want to talk about in this post is the feeling of Love for another person (preferably a partner). 

Now this is a personal post which I rarely do but I thought it might inspire or help some people connect with me and the way I feel.
Have I ever been in Love? Yes, I've been in Love; more than once, and it is a feeling that sets any other feeling you've ever had on fire. As cliche as it sounds, I've loved deeply and strongly but never the same way twice. Each person had brought out a different form of love that I never knew I had. I've experienced a couple types, but all have made me so thankful to feel such an intense emotion for another person other than myself or my family. 
Love has the power to change lives, change people, and change futures. It is something that is indescribable and that varies from person to person. Not only is love blinding, but it is also enlightening. It can show you things you've never thought possible, open doors to worlds unknown, and give you a form of vision you never knew you even had, but most importantly love can give you emotions you never thought you can feel. Love is something that brings out your soul and to me it is a form of magic. 
When you look up the word Magic this comes up: 
Who's to say that Love is not Magic? It is mysterious, extremely influencing, and supernatural. Do you believe in Love? 
Not only is love magical, but it is timeless and universal. Love is something that will live on far passed life and far passed any distance you may go. Even if the one you love or people you love leave this earth, that love for them will never leave. It will live on an infinite amount of time and beyond. Which is why, no matter who you are, where you're from, or what you believe in love is all you need. Always, and I mean ALWAYS choose Love.
I'm looking forward to my next kind, are you?
With that I will leave with my favorite ending:

Love always, AnitaSamantha

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