Sunday, May 31, 2015

Todays Inspiration : Don't Overlook The Present While Working Towards The Future

Most of us are all chasing a dream and if we've already achieved it we are looking for ways to improve it and add more greatness to what we've already created. This is such a wonderful thing: to strive for greatness and expand our goals. There is just one thing to keep in mind: Don't Miss Out On What You Have In The Moment While Working Towards What You Want! I've made this mistake before and ever since I woke up one morning and realized we may never get the same moment twice or be put in the same circumstances again. Good or Bad I realized how important it is to not forget to live in the moment. Sometimes we get so caught up in the chase of "the better" and "our ultimate goals" that we don't appreciate the moments of "the now". When it comes down to it, Life is so much deeper than achieving goals, we also need to enjoy the presence of others, being engulfed in conversations, learning about the stories others tell us, the laughter with our friends, the meals with our families, new people that walk into our lives, and the potentials of love or growing with our current partner or into a new relationship. These are all such important factors of life because if you have just a dream the moment you get it, it will be lonely or you may look back and realize you didn't give deeper components of life enough attention. Hope this sparks some inspiration for you all! Just Remember, Live in the Moment while Looking towards living your dreams!

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