Tuesday, June 30, 2015

4th of July Outfits 2015 - Four of the Best Outfit Ideas

Fourth of July is all about eating good food, enjoying the summer weather, and celebrating our country with some beautiful fire works to show for! Whether you want to be laid back at a barbecue, low key at your family's house, or partying with your friends, each of these outfits should be tailored for you! Hope it give you some inspiration :) 

1. Festive, Playful, & Fun! 
A simple graphic tee paired with some festive American flag shorts is the perfect way to make a statement and show your fun & flirty side. 

2. The Statement Piece 
Whether you want to be more simple, or you don't feel like going out and buying a new outfit, a statement piece is perfect for you! Try a 4th of July color schemed scarf, or some red shoes & clutch, maybe even a bandana to finish off a regular outfit, any statement will do and it can still be festive without being over the top.

3. Patterns & Color Country Style 
Sometimes we aren't always into incorporating all of the colors of 4th of July but still want to dress festive and cute! The outfit below is the perfect way to do so by simply choosing the right patterns paired with simple colors for your look. 

4. Cool & Casual
Since Fourth of July's are red white and blue you can always go with a simple white tee, some blue jean shorts, and red shoes. Top it off with some ray bans and you'll be the coolest one at the party while keep it simple and coy.

Love Always, Anita Samantha

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Kylie Jenner & Kendall Jenner SnapChat Stories : Todays Look!

Snapchat has quickly become one of the highest rated social media apps around and who's easily one of the most viewed? Kylie Jenner! Thanks to Snapchat & Instagram I quickly noticed Kylie's most recent look where I instantly fell in love with her quilted multi-colored jacket she's been sporting from Miami to Los Angeles after her premiere at Miami's Sugar Factory. Can we please talk about that multi-colored quilted jacket with those slightly darker famous Kylie Jenner lips & color?! Total Perfection! After doing some more research on the outfit I saw how adorable Kylie & Kendall were today once she landed back in LA. Both Kylie & Kendall sported matching black leggings / yoga pants with identical matching grey sneakers. Kylie vamped up her look with her edgy style additions which included a infamous Kylie Jenner dark plum lip, white cap, black ankle socks, and my obsession : that jacket! While Kendall kept it simple with minimal makeup, low rise socks, a black tank, and some ray bans. Loving both of these daytime looks! Oh & I will get to the bottom of this jacket, I need it in my life! 
xx Anita Samantha

By the end of the night Kylie Jenner Instagramed a photo of her and Kendall rollerblading, same outfits except Kendall added a jacket and headpiece! How cute are they? #Love

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fruit Filled Summers!

If you're not a big fruit eater, Summer is the perfect time to start! Not only are fruits packed with nutrients, vitamin c, and fiber but fruit will also help you stay hydrated during the hot summer days! Whether you like melon, berries, oranges, kiwi, bananas, the list goes on and on! They are all the perfect way to keep healthy, hydrated, and cool! Next time you want a treat, swap the regular snacks for some fruit and I promise you won't be disappointed! Plus, Your body will thank you too ;-) 
What's your Fave?
Love Always, Anita Samantha