Saturday, July 25, 2015

All About Heels - How To Choose The Best Statement Shoes for Summer

During Summertime if there's one thing we are constantly flashing, it's our Legs! Being that I pretty much live in bikini's, shorts, skirts, and dresses during Summer why not add some heels to show off my legs even more? Now, the most important thing is choosing the RIGHT heels. Whether they are wedges, chunky heels, or thin stilettos you have to make sure you choose the right ones for your outfit and also the right color scheme. Since I usually wear more airy, neutral colors in Summer I have put together my go to styles of heels and wedges that accommodate all of the above.

1. The Suade Grey Wedge.
You really can't go wrong with Wedges during Summer. They are comfy & go great with almost any day time outfit. Grey is one of my favorite colors lately, (As Seen Below) not only do they add some pizazz but they are still in the neutral realm staying trendy but not over the top.

 2. The Casual & Classic Nude Wedge
This wedge is one I believe every girl should have. Typically leather straps with what many of my girlfriends and I call "hay backs". These are always a staple for Summer. Not only can you wear them with any Bikini but you can also pair them with a super casual outfit with the sole purpose of extenuating those legs and adding length. I pretty much equate these to casual sandals but in a wedge form!

3. The Sexy Statements
Below are one of my favorite types of heels! Detailed, Chunky, Strappy, & SEXY! Not only do these add a ton of height and length to your legs, but they are a statement piece. The design can completely draw attention to the legs without having an overbearing color scheme. When it comes to patterns and colors you have to choose one in my opinion, and below show the perfect way to do so. 

 The Pretty Pastels
The Pretty Pastels are beautiful with a white dress, neutral colored outfit, white jeans, or dressing up a cute morning look for brunch. They will add a feminine flare and fun to whichever outfit you choose. 

Which ones your favorite?
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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Favorite Gold Customized Name Necklaces , Ever! & Where I Get Them

Alright girls, let's take a second to acknowledge my new found obsession for gold dainty necklaces! I must say, they have been my staple pieces recently and I've been getting an overwhelming amount of compliments. I'm the kind of person that once I find a good brand, or item whether it be a clothing brand, a store, a set, I will become the biggest fan and buy the same thing in almost every color or style! Well, that's my case with One Necklace  (linked below) I am OBSESSED! They have so many beautiful pieces and the quality is amazing, not to mention they customize EVERYTHING! Here are a few of my go to pieces that I can't get enough of:
My Necklaces:

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Personal Post: My 4th of July Weekend 2015 : Fireworks, Food, Friends ,Barbecues, & Bikini's

Hello Loves! Today I wanted to share a little inside on my 4th of July since a lot of you ask me to make my blog a little more personal. I figured this was the perfect mix! Celebrating Fourth of July is always a great reflection of my typical Summer days filled with sun, food, family, and friends (and some sort of rushing around lol). This Fourth of July I actually did a lot of barbecue hopping and went to see as many friends and family members as I could since I feel like I haven't been out to socialize with everyone in a while. I don't think I've ever driven around so much and seen so many people in a 12 hour span! It was so great catching up with everyone and being able to make it just in time for the fireworks at my family's house. It honestly was the perfect mix this year and I couldn't be happier.
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How cute is my little bug?! He was all excited to celebrate!