Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What Does The Way You Sleep | Your Sleeping Position Say About You?

I was recently reading an article on Lady Life Hacks about how the position in which we sleep can tell us about our personalities. I've read something similar before so I decided to look into it (being that I'm a psychology major) and thought I would share! Now, I don't know how accurate this may be but from what studies show it can help you understand your personality and some traits about yourself a bit better. I personally sleep in the #4 position below and sometimes #2. Want to find out what that means for me? I will say mine was accurate. I'll explain all four positions so you can see if yours is right too!

1. The Back Sleeper
Those who sleep on their back tend to be confident and secure in almost any situations that comes there way, they also are good at approaching new people. Now, if you take it a step further and like to spread your arms and legs out as well, it means you can have an arrogant side.

2.  The Fetal Position Sleeper
This position can mean you are timid and shy. It may be difficult for you to step out of your shell in new environments and you often time feel better if someone else you feel comfortable with is near you.

3. The Belly Sleeper
The belly sleeper is known to be a leader and very good at taking charge of things their life. They also hate being wrong and often times think they are always right or are always right!

4. The Side Pillow Sleeper 
The side pillow sleepers are often very analytical thinkers. They are easily adaptable and often times overcome hardships with a strong mental mind set.

Alright guys mine was pretty accurate! Were yours? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me : @AnitaSamantha 

Love Always, Anita Samantha


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