Friday, October 23, 2015

How To Create a Mix & Match Wardrobe { Black & Grey }

Lately a lot have people have been asking me to do a post about starting a new wardrobe that is easily interchangeable. Mixing and matching clothes can be a piece of cake as long as you know how to shop properly and choose clothes in the same color palette. Since we are in Fall and approaching Winter I figured the first post I would make about this topic would be featuring Black & Grey colors. I'm all about my light airy neutrals but lately black and grey has been a go to for many celebrities, clients, and in the fashion world. Here are some takes on a black and grey wardrobe and how to create a black and grey wardrobe to mix and match. 

     All you will need is:
A Grey Crop Top | A Black Bralette
 A Black pair of Jeans
Black Leggings
 A Black Dress | A Grey Dress
A Black Pair of Boots | A Grey Pair Sneakers
A Black Pair of Heels
A Black Tee | A Grey Tee
A Black Bag | A Grey Backpack
A Grey Sweater
A Black Jacket

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