Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Go To: Hoodies + Knee Hole Jeans

When it comes to Jeans and a T-shirt (or in this season Jeans and a Hoodie) it usually becomes the standard go to, at least for me! However, lately I've been all about spicing up this all time favorite look with: Knee Rip Jeans! Not only does it add a hint of skin, but the distressed jean look can add a hint of personality as well! After seeing the way it looks, whether it be dressed up with heels or dressed down with some timberlands, I don't think I want to go back to regular jeans anytime soon! I've also been loving the casual hoodie + knee hole jeans with a plot twist: heels! All of these little touches can add a personal style and turn a basic 'go to' outfit into a trendy one!
 xoxo Anita Samantha
anita samantha anitasamantha

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Always All About The Lace

I always have that one obsession that never goes away. If you've glanced at the picture below you've probably already guessed it: LACE! I am all about the Lace. Lace skirts, Lace Tops, Lace Lingerie...heck, if they had lace shoes I'd probably get them too! It's one of those styles that I always feel sexy in but you can still acquire a classy taste to it as well. Although it goes great any season, fall and winter are both great times of the year to bring it out. Here are some fun and sexy ways you can incorporate lace into your wardrobe. Hope this inspires you to try a new look or revamp an old one! I honestly believe lace will never go out of style, so why not learn to love it.
xoxo, Anita Samantha

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Personal Post: My Halloween 2015

Is it just me or did Halloween come super fast this year? I couldn't believe it! Being that it snuck up on me, I didn't get too into the pre-costume planning mood so I did some last minute costume searching, thinking, and creating. This year I came up with.... (drum roll please) A Little Black Bunny! So original, I know. It ended up being a casual yet fun night: I visited my best friends event at their store, went out for a bit, met up with people I've been meaning to see for a while, and got to see some pretty crazy and extravagant costumes. I will say, I've had better Halloweens but this year was definitely an interesting one! I didn't take many picture since my phone died pretty early but here are a few and a video I managed to get from the night. You can see more on my Instagram @AnitasWorld What did you guys dress up as? Tweet me @AnitaSamantha or leave me some comments below :)

anita samantha anitasamantha

anitasamantha anita samantha

anita samantha anitasamantha
xx Anita Samantha