Monday, January 25, 2016

How to be Confident & Attractive! My 5 Key Secrets to Extreme Happiness with Being Yourself. Best Advice.

This year, I made a resolution to myself that not only will I be inspired to go even deeper into soul searching but that I will also write about it whenever possible. The topic I felt so inspired to write about tonight, was being yourself but furthermore being proud of who you are. I must say, I've come to a point in my life where I love every bit of who I am. It almost brings me to tears how proud I am of the woman I have became and am becoming. No matter what the image is of somebody you may aspire to be, being yourself is always better. In some cases, the person you always aspired to be was you all along and you just needed a deeper understanding to see that. Of course, there are still things I am working on and consistently bettering but that is the beauty of it and that's what creates more depth & unfolding layers to the person I am. I wanted to share some ways with you all on how to not only become Confident but how to be truly proud of who you are and let it radiate through everybody you surround yourself with.

Number 1
Realize that you are unique and nobody can ever be exactly who you are. Understand that that is one of the most beautiful things in this world and exactly where your power begins.

Number 2
Meditate on your strengths. What are things you're good at? What are things you've achieved in your life that you are proud of? Focus on all the strengths in your personality, your skills, your thoughts, and your achievements. 

Number 3
Be Grateful. Even if it's over little things about yourself. No matter what it may be, take time to appreciate parts of yourself whether it's physical or mental be thankful for this. It can be as small as loving the shape of your eyes, or as big as loving how deeply you fall in love.

Number 4 
Reprogram Your Mind. This involves positive thinking and blocking out negativity. Anytime a negative comment of yourself that comes into mind, don't listen to it. Re-assure yourself, praise yourself, and immediately change a negative thought to a positive self-loving mindset.

Number 5
Keep Pushing on the path of your Dreams. This may include blocking out negative people, or doing things that people may have said you couldn't. Keep pushing through, be your biggest fan, your biggest motivator, and never get discouraged. 

I hope my little journal today helped you all. Leave me comments or reach out to me on Twitter letting me know any thoughts you may have. You can find me on my Twitter: @AnitaSamantha
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