Monday, February 22, 2016

How To Have Fun Getting Fit | Top 3 Tips Monday Motivation

Since it is Monday, I figured why not make today's Monday motivation about fitness? I've been on a total health kick lately and it really does change the way I feel, for the best! Sometimes, we can soak ourselves into an unhealthy period which can be easy to do, but today I'm here telling you if you're in one it's time to get out! It doesn't even have to be about how you look, make it about how you feel! Today's Fitness Fun is about having fun with fitness. Here's my How To Have Fun Getting Fit

1. Sneaker Stuntin
Get a pair of awesome new sneakers to symbolize the beginning of this new fitness journey. Not only will it get you excited to work out and be active, but it will also motivate you! We all know how excited we get to wear a pair of new shoes...

2. Get Fit with a Friend
Whether you want a friend to workout with, a friend to help you stay on track, or someone who you can swap the burger dates to healthy acai bowls & salads! Grab that friend and let them be a part of this health kick with you!

3. Show off That Work
Depending on what I'm doing, I love to start accentuating what I've been working out on! It always motivates me to do more, even when I start noticing even the slightest changes. If I've been working on abs I'll let my baby abs peek through, or if I have my booty getting plumper I'll throw on some tighter jeans. Have fun with it and don't be afraid to be proud and show off watcha got 
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Now go out there and have some fun getting fit! It'll be the best time & investment because it's in yourself :) xoxo Anita Samantha

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