Saturday, March 19, 2016


March 14th - March 20th this years dates of WMC 2016 & Ultra Music Festival 2016. Some people classify this week in different ways: Winter Music Conference, Miami Music Week, Ultra, WMC, Miami Music Takeover, or if you're a local like me you see it as a million people coming into your city! If you haven't heard of any of this before let's just describe it as the most mind blowing 7 days, flooded with people flying in from all over the world, and a non stop day and night party mixed with the most epic artists and DJs around the world. There is always something to do whether it's a pool party, ultra music festival, a night club, a party on the beach under a tent, really anything and everything you could imagine is possible. The potential of seeing your favorite music producers, DJs, Artists, Celebrities is limitless.
Just to give anybody who isn't familiar with WMC an Idea here is a list of just ONE party promotion group. There are triple this amount of events including similar pool parties (on top of night clubs) but here is one idea from this week.
I can post a few list of Events soon :) If you missed out this year, there is always next year but for those here Tweet Me @AnitaSamantha or IG @AnitasWorld you're favorite photos or moments and you may be featured on my blog! :)

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