Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Home Bedroom Decor | Adding A Touch Of Summer (Interior Design)

We all know I have a slight obsession (to say the least) with Interior Design. I recently had an idea to think of cute, easy ways to add a touch of Summer into my bedroom just to match the season and give my bedroom an airy summer breeze (well, airy summer look would be more realistic but a girl can dream right?). I decided to go a little pinterest happy and start pinning away some cute bedroom ideas when I noticed exactly what easy ways made a bedroom look like my version of summer. All it took was a bright flower, pop of color pillow cases, some greenery, and/or neutral creamy and airy curtains + comforters. Mix one or two of those combinations together and you'll have yourself a summer room with the simplest addition! I posted a few examples below. Enjoy :)

xx Anita Samantha

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