Saturday, November 19, 2016

4 MUST HAVE WINTER SHOES | Booties + Thigh Highs + Heels + Timbs | Style Essentials

When it comes to the cold winter season, shoes can be just as fun as tying together all those warm layers. When it comes to MY winter wardrobe, there are four essentials that I love to mix and match. First up: SHOES! Since I'm all about neutrals and airy colors lately, I wanted to find some inspiration to incorporate even in the cold weather. Below, I've posted some pinterest inspiration for my winter shoe essentials. 1. Ankle Booties 2. Sock Heels 3. Thigh Highs 4. Timbs. If you have a pair of each that's all you'll need! For matching wardrobe essentials check out my next post by clicking here!

xx Anita Samantha

Ankle Booties 
 Sock Heels
 Thigh Highs

Keep Warm and Stay Stylish!

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