Thursday, April 13, 2017

Personal Post: Las Vegas Suite Tour + Vlog + Secret Travel Diary Ending

Hi Lovies! So, with break being here I figured why not make a fun little video that gave a snap shot of my personal life. Also, while I traveled to the wonderful Las Vegas I kind of, sort of, majorly, fell in love with my room at the Cosmopolitan and got so inspired by it I wanted to share! I know I'm not the only one whose obsessed with hotels and hotel room designs, plus, who has better hotels than Las Vegas? Here's a little inside on my vacation, my room which I got to call home for about a week, and the fun shows and sites I got to see. Enjoy :)

xx Anita Samantha

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

HOW TO GET CLEAR SKIN FAST! Naturally & At Home | Get Rid of Acne & Scarring For Good

Hi Loves,
So today I wanted to share with you my secret steps to clear skin, get rid of any acne, pimples, scarring, blemishes, troubled skin, and wrinkles. It's all natural through my 3 steps that you can find in your kitchen but that are very effective. If you follow my clear skin steps you will see results within 3 days. It truly is amazing. For me, I've noticed that no matter what you are putting on your face, it will be hard to work unless you start from the inside out. I will go over everything from what foods contain acne-fighting ingredients, foods that will make your skin glow, and how you can rejuvenate your skin from any scarring. It's all explained in my video here:

Enjoy! Your 3 steps closer to CLEAR SKIN :)

xx Anita Samantha

Monday, February 6, 2017

Gift Giving Tips for Men + Women | How To Give Great Gifts to Just About Anybody!

Hi Babes! So, with Valentines Day coming up I figured it would be the perfect time to upload The Ultimate Gift Guide! Now, although these gifts are perfect for any holiday (Birthdays, Anniversary, Christmas, Hanukkah, Just to Be Cute) I decided I would include what men would love as well and to do that I brought on a special guest, my good friend, Eric! He really gives us ladies the true insight on what men really want and comes up with some great creative ideas as well! And, for the guys watching I tell you what women really want that way nobody wastes their money or time searching for a gift that their not confident in! Without further or do, here's my Ultimate Gift Guide Video for both Men + Women! I will list all the links for each item mentioned below that way, I'll pretty much do all the work for you all you have to do is click it, buy it, and give it! It'll be our little secret ;) Shhh

Mens Gift's Mentioned (click for link)

Gucci Card Holder (click store locator to find it at any store near you) 
Also can search on Neiman's or Nordstroms

Women's Gifts Mentioned (click for link)

Stackable Rings (Mix & Match)

Hope That Helps! 
xx Anita Samantha

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Personal Post: How To Find Peace

Hi & Welcome!
Being that it's the first day of a new month I wanted to start making it a habit to do a personal post, maybe sum up the month I had and the lessons I've learned. January for me was all about a new attitude and new outlook on life.I started with the most amazing New Years Eve and ended the month with a quick 2 day getaway to a beach resort just to decompress my hectic new semester of school. Being someone that is always wanting to be better than I was yesterday and reach my full potential I thought I'd share some inspiration. One thing I have a lot of people asking me about, and messaging me about it how to have a positive attitude. I will definitely be posting a video on that soon ( but in the mean time I wanted to share a quote that I'd love to further explain:

Making peace a priority is the first step to having a healthy mind and healthy life. Once you learn that your thoughts are powerful and as soon as you grasp them you can really prevent any negativity to consume your mind. Whether you are going through a difficult or stressful time or having the time of your life this message and realization will only amplify all of the wonderful things going on around you and it will also work as a shield to protect you from anyone or thing that may cause you to question all the beautiful things happening in your day, week, month, and life.
Hope this helped some of you and brought a little bit of inspiration to your evening!
love you all so much 
xx Anita Samantha

Monday, January 2, 2017

NEW APARTMENT TOUR | Tumblr + Pinterest Style Home Decor

Hi Babes and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm currently in the midst of getting all my New Years Eve content together for you guys so I can upload either a video or big blog post about how I rang in 2017 (It was like a DREAM). I have so many exciting changes coming for you all. I first just want to thank everyone for the love and support you've been giving me, it means the world. Until my NYE post where I can really go into detail, I wanted to catch you up on my Tumblr + Pinterest Inspired Apartment Home Decor! If you follow me on Instagram, Snapchat (AnitaSxo), or Youtube you already know I recently moved into a new condo, totally different from what I've been used to. It's modern, in the city, and completely perfect for a luxury style decor which can be easy thanks to Tumblr while still giving it my touch of cozy, white fur, and favorite greys. In this video I'll show you my tumblr room decor, tumblr living room decor, tumblr bathroom decor, and even tumblr balcony decor.