Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Personal Post: How To Find Peace

Hi & Welcome!
Being that it's the first day of a new month I wanted to start making it a habit to do a personal post, maybe sum up the month I had and the lessons I've learned. January for me was all about a new attitude and new outlook on life.I started with the most amazing New Years Eve and ended the month with a quick 2 day getaway to a beach resort just to decompress my hectic new semester of school. Being someone that is always wanting to be better than I was yesterday and reach my full potential I thought I'd share some inspiration. One thing I have a lot of people asking me about, and messaging me about it how to have a positive attitude. I will definitely be posting a video on that soon ( but in the mean time I wanted to share a quote that I'd love to further explain:

Making peace a priority is the first step to having a healthy mind and healthy life. Once you learn that your thoughts are powerful and as soon as you grasp them you can really prevent any negativity to consume your mind. Whether you are going through a difficult or stressful time or having the time of your life this message and realization will only amplify all of the wonderful things going on around you and it will also work as a shield to protect you from anyone or thing that may cause you to question all the beautiful things happening in your day, week, month, and life.
Hope this helped some of you and brought a little bit of inspiration to your evening!
love you all so much 
xx Anita Samantha

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