Friday, July 28, 2017

Cereal Milk Ice Cream & Crack Pie in Las Vegas?

Whether it's my Instagram, Snapchat Food Chronicles, or a YouTube Video you guys know I LOVE my food and sweets! Although I have a video featuring all the yumminess that's been going on in my life I wanted to share a little sneak peak of this place called MILK located in the Cosmopolitan Hotel of Las Vegas that I just couldn't get enough of.

Let's talk Crack Pie and Chocolate Malt Cake Truffles. I show you my reaction video and my full on review in my YouTube Video coming out the first week of August however, I will say the chocolate malt cake truffles are decedent and made perfectly (imagine the best cake pop you've ever had x 10). Now the crack pie is something I don't know how to even explain. It reminds me of a moist cake that tastes 'okay' when you first take a bite and then BAM that buttery vanilla sweet goodness just hits you to where you need more. I guess that's why they call it crack pie?

Now let's get into something their famous for: CEREAL MILK ICE CREAM! I decided to go with their standard flavor but they had an array of them as listed in the first picture above. I ordered a Frosted Flakes cereal milk ice cream and I will say it's definitely delicious but I would love to try a flavored cereal milk ice cream next time! I recommend the birthday cake if they aren't sold out by the time you arrive.
Stay Tuned! A Vlog & Video all about this will be coming to you soon on my channel!
xx, Anita Samantha

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