About Me♡

I believe in the beauty of being an individual and that the happier you are on the inside, the more attractive you'll be on the outside. I am in love with love and being able to wrap myself in a new world of another person. I also am in love with being inspired, traveling, and experiencing new things and new environments. I find joy in being open minded and learning new things. I also believe the best therapy in this world is helping another person who can do nothing to repay you. 
    I love to dabble into as many things as I can to not only fulfill my mind but also my soul:)

    Current Favorite Quote : "You can never be overdressed, or overeducated."

Anita Samantha
  • Current Masters/PHD Program for Mental Health Counseling / Couples & Family Therapy
  • Graduate with Bachelors Degree in Psychology (& Media Studies Minor)
  • Life Coach
  • Former Personal Stylist
  • Video Creator / Editor 
  • Side Passions:
  • Dancing, Choreography 
  • Acting, Singing / Songwriting, & Guitar
I have a passion for every one of these "categories" but there is so much more to a person than their abilities that meet the eye.

A Few Fun Facts:
  • I'm a fun girl who will always make sure you have a smile on your face
  • I love being inspired / inspiring others
  • I one day plan to write a book that will bring joy to everyone who reads it
  • Acting is such a beautiful form of art to me, to wrap yourself into understanding and playing out the life of another is an interesting and passionate process.
  • I love traveling and exploring new places and cultures
  • I collect journals, and my mom gets tried of it lol
  • I'm obsessed with cooking & baking also I'm always watching the food network
  • I would love to own a sweet little bakery one day
  • Writing music is amazing therapy in my world
  • I can read quotes all day and whenever I find a new one I like I usually add it to my collection
  • I enjoy studying Health, Fitness, and Nutrition
  • Making people feel beautiful and good about themselves makes me happy
  • I speak two languages : English & Macedonian and hope to improve my Spanish
  • I am a hopeless romantic <3
  • On my spare time I dance & create choreography, being in touch with you're body to beats is an amazing feeling.
  • I play the guitar but usually have trouble reading the notes so I call it "playing from the heart" (corny but true!) 
  • The colors Pink and White make me happy :)
  • Laughing is my favorite thing to do, and the real secret to getting killer abs ;)
  • I love meeting new people and my goal is always making a positive difference in their lives

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