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  1. Hi Kelly,

    My name is Debbie Thompson, Sales Director at SKR Hair LTD.

    We sell our hair extensions all over the world, but we now have a full range of eyelashes coming out at the end of this month.

    If you would consider looking at our products and maybe using them in a tutorial, our new eyelashes are pretty extensive from very loud and proud to soft and natural. Also our hair extensions are super thick and we think that you will be very impressed with them. Here is a few details about our hair extensions.
    16" - 165 grams
    18" - 175 grams
    20" - 185 grams

    We think your channel is absolutely fabulous and would love to work with you. We could also help with competitions/giveaways.

    Another note to be considered is that a few famous faces where our hair, we can't mention names until it has been released but theres a lot of exciting stuff going on.

    If you are interested in talking this matter over further then please respond to me directly at

    Kind Regards
    Debbie Thompson
    Sales Director

  2. I know something about lipstick that many people don't know. Feel free to see for yourself:


  4. Hello to YOU, Anita! In reference to your views on oily skin I disagree about oily shine on a woman's face. I think it's beautiful with the way the reflected light on the facial skin plays about & accentuates the facial contours. I just wanted to say that in my opinion any lady with an oily shine has not a thing to be ashamed of. If I was a woman I'd certainly wanna have an oily face.

  5. Hey, so I just watched your videos on growing your hair and eyelashes longer and I can't wait to try your ideas and hope they are just as helpful for me as you, um Iam wondering if you could give me any ideas on SPLIT ENDS!! uugghh I know! Lol but I really need some help and can't wait to hear back. My email is thanks, Michaela :)